Pink Dress from COS, White sunnies from a vintage store in Amsterdam, Mermaid Bag from TitinaStore, seashell earring from Singapore and beaded ruffle choker DIY 

Sunshine and sea is all I need right now, with my exams coming soon and 4 garments to finish! A girl can only dream of being the mermaid cruisin' the seas chillin' with the fishies. I always fancied mermaids yet I hated Disney's Little Mermaid. In the original story she dies and is reduced to seafoam when the Prince marries someone else. Moral of the story? Well don't teach your little girls to give up their identities for some mortal man. Be a strong independent mermaid who's proud of her tail! Who needs legs when you can live amongst gorgeous fishes and shiny seashells?

I'll leave you with some summer tunes from Miami Horror:


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